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Cold-calling. Junk mail. Spam e-mails. Television commercials. Traditional outbound marketing techniques are notorious for being invasive and ineffective. So how can you reach your audience and show them the value of your product or service?

The answer lies with inbound marketing. Instead of desperately chasing after your customers, an inbound marketing strategy entices your audience to seek out your business, and our approach to inbound marketing ramps that up even more by incorporating our SEO expertise. Digital Third Coast combines SEO content- content we create with the goal of attracting search traffic- with inbound content- content we create to attract target buyers- for an inbound marketing strategy on steroids.

Here's how we work.

The Value of Inbound Marketing

Increase the Top &
Bottom of Your Funnel
Content Creation & Promotion
Measurable Campaigns

Building an Inbound Foundation

In order to create content that your customers will love, you have to know your customers like the back of your hand- or like the back of their hand, as the case may be. We’ll thoroughly research and build your buyer personas so that we understand your customers, their buying habits, and what they care about. We use that information to create content that appeals to them, and then we take it to the next level by optimizing the content for SEO so that your customers are able to find what they’re searching for.

During this stage of the inbound marketing process, we’ll also work with you to discover what makes your business remarkable. We think of this as identifying your differentiator- the reason your business is worth paying attention to and ultimately, buying from. Highlighting and promoting what differentiates your business from your competitors will attract the right kinds of customers, and our SEO and inbound marketing combination will blow your competitors out of the water.

Content Strategy and Planning

If you’ve ever suffered from writer’s block, you know that coming up with content is a lot easier said than done. It’s hard enough to come up with ideas for e-books, infographics, videos, and more, let alone generate ideas that will weave together your personas, your remarkables, and your target keywords. Luckily, that’s what we’re awesome at.

  • We’ll develop a content calendar to guide our strategy and map out your content over the next several months, organizing your content needs by priority level. 
  • We update it quarterly to reflect seasonal triggers, holidays, and company news and events.
  • We also use the calendar to plan content for the awareness, consideration, and decision phases of your buyers’ journeys.

Just as important as having an amazing idea for content is having the right goal for your content. Each piece of content we create for you will help move prospects down the buyers’ funnel and have a primary objective:

  • Capture a user’s name and email address (Awareness Stage Offer)
  • Capture additional information such as job title or number of employees (Consideration Stage Offer)
  • Assess if customer is qualified via a direct service offering, like a free demo, evaluation or a consultation (Decision Stage Offer)
Creating targeted content for each specific persona at the different marketing funnel stages will appeal to your customers’ specific needs and pain points. We top off your targeted content with search engine optimization, going the extra mile to ensure that your customers will find your website.

Content Promotion

After we’ve created your shiny new content, we move on to the next phase of inbound marketing: content promotion.

We use a “Hub and Spoke” model to promote your offers on your site through social media, blog posts, lead nurturing emails, and newsletters. This way, we can continue to capture information from prospective buyers and market to them directly while increasing their engagement with your organization.

Here’s an example of what your hub and spoke promotion might look like.

Each one of the promotional “spokes” serves a specific purpose in lead generation strategy:

  • Social media and blog posts increase awareness and engagement
  • Lead nurturing emails are used to establish workflows for each offer so that we can directly market to the people who download each offer.
  • Monthly newsletters increase brand awareness and engagement from users who are already aware of your services by keeping your business at the forefront of their minds.
Content promotion is one of the things DTC excels at. Our combination of detailed keyword research and knowledge of your buyer personas sets your content up for success, and we’ve formed relationships with influencers in a wide variety of fields so that your content will get amplified. Our content creation and promotion will get you results quickly, yes- but we’ll also get you results that are long-lasting so that your content brings you searchers for months after it comes out.

Inbound & SEO

We’re not a strictly left-brain or right-brain digital marketing agency here at Digital Third Coast; that is, we don’t keep our SEO services separate from our inbounding marketing services. Actually, we’ve found that SEO is a crucial part of successful inbound marketing, and doing SEO and inbound together well has a much bigger impact than doing either one of those separately.

Here’s why: inbound marketing is about getting customers to find you by creating fresh, useful content, and converting visitors into leads and eventually customers. SEO is a component of inbound that’s focused on getting search engines to find you by making sure that your website is technically sound. By combining the technical and creative aspects of digital marketing, your website has a much higher chance of being found by your future customers.

At Digital Third Coast, we’re experts at SEO, which complements our inbound marketing proficiency and allows us to use both skill sets effectively to boost your campaign. Every member of the DTC staff is certified in Google Analytics, and we’re also an official Google Partner, meaning that Google has recognized our excellence with their products and best practices. We’re exceptional at using our SEO skills to elevate your inbound marketing plan.

More specifically, some ways that we blend SEO and inbound marketing might include:

  • Analyzing keyword data and trends to create content that’s compelling as well as keyword rich and linkworthy
  • Working with your development team to make sure that your site is fast and crawlable so that your audience can easily view your content
  • Building relationships with influencers in your industry to help increase links and shares 
With our expertise in SEO and inbound, our digital marketing services work both ways so that your site is optimized for search engines and humans. We’re two-faced- but in a good way.

The Measurable Difference

No matter how trendy an infographic looks or how many shares an explainer video gets, your content is worthless if it’s not helping you achieve your business goals. Once your hub and spokes are fully in motion, we report back to you on your key performances indicators and our progress towards your goals.

Our reporting is done on a weekly and monthly basis. Weekly status updates focus on what we’re working on currently, while monthly reports outline our work over the past 30 days, our plan for the next 30 days, and our improvements month over month.

More specifically, our monthly reports include:

  • Updated content calendar
  • Site traffic
  • Conversion data
  • Strategy recommendations
  • Content topic ideas and strategies based on our research
  • Top content (most viewed and most engagement)
  • Monthly trends 

Once we’ve gotten enough data to see the big picture of your campaign, we review it in relation to your goals. What went right? What could have gone better? What resonated with the audience and got people talking? By asking these questions and analyzing our data, our inbound marketing agency can readjust your inbound marketing strategy so that your content becomes even more targeted- and even more successful.


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