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We Start With Your Goals

Ultimately, we realize that your overall goal is simple: make more money. And with our SEO, PPC, and content marketing services, we offer a variety of ways to increase your revenue. Instead of working with only a vague intention to “make more money,” we help you establish specific, measurable goals that we target and track each month.  With our expertise in search engine optimization, pay per click ad management, and content marketing, we maximize your results and help you achieve your goals.

Drive Traffic With Search

Before you can start closing sales, your customers have to be able to easily find you. As experts in search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising, we connect the dots between you and your soon-to-be clients using those services either alone or combined. With search engine optimization, we begin with a thorough audit and keyword research, which we then use to create a customized strategic plan to increase your organic search rankings. Our pay-per-click services also use keyword research to bid on targeted keywords and customize your ad’s reach based on geography, time of day, and other variables. With our integrated methods, your digital marketing strategy is never stagnant, and we’re always working to refine it to further your goals of driving more traffic and making more sales.

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Create Content

One of the ways DTC approaches our digital marketing efforts is by creating custom content for your website to help enhance your content marketing and SEO initiatives. Our content creation is a key ingredient to your digital strategy. We plan your content based on your specific needs and goals. We will help identify what content will be most effective for your site, which may include on-site copy for your website, infographics, guides, e-books, or a blog strategy designed to help your audience recognize your company as a trusted authority.  We’ll use keyword research as a basis to build content that will appeal to visitors, increase social shares, and generate more site traffic to ultimately increase your sales.

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Engage & Convert Traffic

Increased visibility on the web is great- but only if it’s helping you convert traffic into sales. Our services work with each other to drive sales, and we base our strategy on what your company needs specifically. We supplement our SEO, PPC, and content marketing efforts with social media and email marketing to give your campaigns an extra boost. We use social media to increase site traffic while engaging your audience and building a trusting relationship between you and your customers. Our email marketing strategies segment your audience in order to provide them with the most relevant information they need to know about your product or service- increasing click-through rates. The one-two punch of social media and email marketing often helps potential customers take the extra step and convert into loyal, satisfied clients.

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Measure and Report

Our office may be casual, but our approach to our clients’ results is anything but. In fact, we’re so passionate about tracking results that we’ve created our own in-house reporting system and organizational tools to make sure we have all the information we need regarding your data. We aggregate data from search engine results pages, Google Analytics, AdWords and our phone call tracking system to produce our custom reports. We also have an in-house system that we use for backlink-tracking, content-organizing, writer-communicating, budget-organizing, and doing-things-faster-than-the-next-guy. In other words, we have created our own tools to make our processes faster and more efficient, which in the end saves our clients’ money while also improving results. It’s the best of both worlds. We’re also black belts in Google Analytics, using it frequently to build data reports on organic traffic and conversions alongside our phone call tracking tools. Numbers don’t lie, and by keeping a close eye on the data, we can analyze the results and work with you to further refine our strategy for achieving your goals.

Client Experience

When you choose to work with Digital Third Coast, you're putting your trust in us,and that's not something we take lightly. We keep our core values closely tied in every project we take on by focusing on making a measurable difference; being open, honest, and trustworthy; and being commited to long-term relationships with our clients. Your work with us won't be bogged down with unnecessary communications and middlemen - your account managers work directly on your project, and our small open office environment fosters collaboration and sharing ideas. With tons of experience in a wide variety of industries and a 95% client retention rate, you can be certain that we'll do whatever it takes to create the best client experience for you.




Our pricing is customized for each of our clients and their unique needs, based on their business goals. Once we’ve had the opportunity to learn more about your business and goals, we can devise strategies and allocate the appropriate resources to make a measurable difference. Our client engagements are typically long-term relationships that invest a minimum of $2,000 per month in their digital marketing efforts.


Our services work even better when combined together. Watch the video to meet some of our team, 
see our work space, and learn more about how our services complement each other.

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