Why Do Title Tags Still Matter?

Sometimes we forget to appreciate the simple things. We get so caught up in the big picture things and all the newest technology and trends that we forget about the classics. Case in point: even owning an HDTV with an Xbox One, I still like playing Mario Tennis on my Nintendo 64.

How Can I Stop Competitors from Using My Trademarks in Their Ads?

It's one thing when competitors bid on your brand name, but it seems like they're adding insult to injury when they actually use your brand name in their ad copy, right?

How Many Words Do I Need To Have On My Webpage?

If you've read this blog (or any other SEO blog) before, you've probably seen that a recurring theme in our Q&A's is "It depends." So while we do tend to recommend 350-450 words on a page, that's not the end-all-be-all of answers.

Content Types For Every Stage of the Buyers Journey

I'm often asked about the work I do. People understand that I am in marketing but don't often understand what I create- and more importantly why I create it. Some of the problem lies within the word "content" itself.

I Started Doing SEO and My Organic Conversion Rate Dropped. What Gives?

This happens way, way more often than you would think. We start out with a client, and we start seeing all their KPIs trending in the right direction, but their organic conversion rate keeps going down.  Why does this happen? Is it bad? Should I be worried?

Why is the Content You Create Not Closely Related to My Business?

Imagine that Dunder Mifflin recently hired Digital Third Coast to do their digital marketing (something that was probably not one of Michael Scott's strengths).

Is Your SEO Content Too Promotional?

Far too often, I have to have an awkward conversation with a client, in which I tell them their baby is ugly. I don't mean their actual human children (all my clients' children are beautiful and brilliant). I mean their content. Their content is an ugly, ugly baby.

Why Aren't My Rankings Jumping After Link Building?

A well-executed link building campaign provides great value to any website. A successful link building campaign can result in increased search engine rankings, increased website traffic and also business conversions and sales.