How Can I Get More Clicks on My Text Ads?

When it comes to PPC text ads, what you say matters. Google has a limited amount of real estate, after all- 25 characters for the headline, and 35 characters each for two description lines.

What Is The Most Expensive Keyword To Bid On?

Think you're getting bamboozled by the high cost per click you're paying? It might just be your industry and the keywords you're bidding on.

How Does PPC Support The E-commerce Sales Funnel?

Let's say you're looking for a pair of shoes.

What's the Difference Between Text Ads, PLAs and Display Ads?

When you're considering a PPC campaign, there's a bevy of options to choose from. Three of the most common starting choices will be text ads, product listing ads, and display ads. So what are the differences between the three? Let's take a look at each ad type individually.

How Can I Stop Competitors from Using My Trademarks in Their Ads?

It's one thing when competitors bid on your brand name, but it seems like they're adding insult to injury when they actually use your brand name in their ad copy, right?

What are the Search Partners in AdWords and Bing Ads?

Partners are a good thing. Through partnerships, a single entity can usually accomplish more than they could accomplish on their own. The whole buddy cop genre wouldn’t exist if not for partners. Who would serve coffee at Starbucks without partners?

Why Should I Use Conversion Tracking in AdWords?

So an Internet user clicked your ad. While that's definitely cause for a celebratory mini-dance party at your desk, you need deeper information than just knowing that someone clicked your ad to help you decipher why they clicked your ad- were they ready to purchase?

Why Should I Separate Search and Display in AdWords?

Quick refresher before we get into the Q&A segment of this blog: your search network refers to ads that display based on keywords entered directly into a search engine, and it allows you can capture people who are actively looking for your products and ready to join the sales