Big Brands With Big Budgets—How Do Small Businesses Compete?

As a small business, it's easy to be intimidated by competitors that have bigger budgets, more established brands and bigger teams. Though larger brands will likely always be able to outspend you, there are ways to increase visibility for a smaller company with smaller budgets.

AdWords Expanded Text Ads: What Does This Mean for You?

The introduction of expanded text ads represents one of the biggest shake-ups to hit the AdWords platform, ever. We saw the death of right hand column text ads earlier this year. We saw enhanced campaigns hit in 2013.  But the shake-ups keep shaking.

AdWords Mobile Headline Length: Be Aware of Your Descriptions as they Enter Center Stage

With the removal of sidebar ads; headlines, description lines, and extensions are taking center stage. Just take a look at this screenshot taken on April 28th 2016:

AdWords to Stop Serving Right-Hand Column Ads

Nothing like good news on a Friday!

Three Tools to Give You a Competitive Advantage in Your PPC Campaigns

If your PPC campaign isn't moving forward, it's moving backward. There's always room to improve your campaign, and one of the easiest ways you can do so is by analyzing what your competitors are doing—and using that information to your advantage.

What do I do When I’m Getting Fewer Paid Clicks Than I Used To?

Search is a living thing. It’s powered by people who change and who adapt and who create and follow new trends. Therefore, change is part of the game when it comes to search marketing, from new features to seasonality to user interface designs of the tools we use.

How to Win at Mobile PPC Advertising

Should mobile ads look different to desktop ads? This question comes up often, so you'd think there isn't a clear answer. But there is. Yes. Yes, young Padawan, yes! This goes beyond design.

How to Elevate Your PPC Campaign Performance in One Day Per Week

When it comes to PPC advertising (like AdWords), it can be easy to just "set and forget" your campaign. Unfortunately, the major ad networks (like Google) make it very easy to spend more money than you should.