4 Foursquare Mistakes to Avoid as a Business Owner

Social media is all the rage these days, almost everyone from babies who aren't even born yet to grandparents are on Facebook, looking up reviews on local business has never been easier with Yelp, you can't walk into a party without someone using the word "tweet." Users have quickly adopted socia

Google Places' Excessive 'Excessive Capitalization' Rules

NASCAR. FEMA. NCAA. DARPA. UNICEF. NASDAQ. What do all of these have in common? Not much, aside from being acronyms. And by virtue of that, they are pretty strictly verboten from Google Places profiles.

Why the Spelling in Customer Reviews Matters for Your Site

If you're reading this blog, I'm assuming that you're the kind of person who has spent a decent amount of time on YouTube. And if you're a person who has spent any amount of time on YouTube (especially watching music videos), you've probably encountered the following:

Bing Continues to Implement Many New Features

Bing has begun to roll out a long list of improvements and new features across the board. Importantly, these features will not only be available on the flagship Bing.com product, but also on Bing Mobile Apps.

Google Hotpot and Local Search: Much Ado About (Almost) Nothing

Google has a less-than-stellar history when it comes to entering into the social media space.

Google Business Photos for Places, Maps & Local Business Center

Yesterday, Google announced that it will be sending professional photographers to business in an effort to beef up the quality and quantity of content in listings on Google Places.

Digital Third Coast is Now a Favorite Place on Google

A few weeks ago, DTC was selected as a "Favorite Place" on Google. Based on information gathered from user behavior and local listings, this means that we have been selected among the Top 10% of businesses, calculated by the popularity of our local business listing.

Google Maps for the Rich and Famous - Heliport Transit Options

My fellow rich and famous, the wait is over! For years Google has kept us all down by only allowing public transportation options in Google Maps. Take a bus? You've got to be kidding me! Subway? Isn't that a restaurant?