How Can I Analyze Phone Call Tracking Data?

Phone call tracking is an often overlooked tracking tool to begin with, but when it comes to analyzing the results, most of the companies that utilize phone call tracking don't use it to the fullest. If you aren't using phone call tracking already to track your

A Three Step Playbook For When Your Content Goes Viral

In life, there are some rules you can't break. The earth will always revolve around the sun. Jay Cutler will always tease you with that cannon arm and those smoldering eyes, but then break your heart with a brutal interception.

Should I Be Doing SEO or PPC? Or Both?

I spend my days talking to business owners from nearly every industry.  It’s my favorite thing about my line of work: having the opportunity to learn about different businesses and organizations, and helping them craft an online marketing strategy.   A business owner is usually an expert in their

How Do I Identify My Digital Competitors?

Knowing who your competitors are can help you differentiate your products or services. Keeping tabs on what your competition is doing can help you stay ahead of them and gain more market share.

#CMWorld 2015 Recap

Last week, four of our team members attended the Content Marketing World conference in Cleveland, Ohio. In between the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and trying to find LeBron James, they found the time to attend several sessions. Here's what they viewed as the biggest takeaways.

What Is Color Theory, and How Does It Impact Branding?

So, if you read my last post about visual branding, there’s a possibility you started to take a closer look at your visual brand identity and what you could do to improve it.

How The Internet Has Changed The Buyer's Journey

There was a time in my sales career that revolved around cold calling, and I looked at the telephone as a cash register.  If I could just keep smiling and dialing, I could win new clients.  100 phone calls meant I’d talk to 20 people and schedule 5 meetings.  With Caller ID, 100 phone calls meant