Make It Happen in 2009

Ahhh Goals --- Don't you love 'em...and hate 'em! Once the hangover from the holidays wears off you are faced with the fact that it's a new year and just like everybody else you feel compelled to make this the year that your going to make it happen. Make what happen?

PPC Testing for SEO

Over the last couple of years I've noticed a couple things in the search space: 1. keyword tools are unreliable 2. PPC traffic can show some valuable search trends. Well here’s the point: PPC and SEO help to inform each other consistently.

3 Tips For Keeping Track of Your Goals in Google Analytics

Arguably one of the most important things to an online marketing campaign is to have some goals in place. I think that figuring out what goals to focus on can be the hardest part sometimes. Tracking them is the easy part.

Page Load Speed Affects SEO, PPC and Usability

How fast does your website load? You can test out your pages with this web page speed test tool.

Advanced Keyword Research in AdWords

Finding the proper keywords is the cornerstone of any successful SEM campaign. I imagine every PPC manager out there begins a campaign with keyword research in order to find what keywords are going to generate the desired traffic to a website.