How Can I Analyze Phone Call Tracking Data?

Phone call tracking is an often overlooked tracking tool to begin with, but when it comes to analyzing the results, most of the companies that utilize phone call tracking don't use it to the fullest. If you aren't using phone call tracking already to track your

How Do I Identify My Digital Competitors?

Knowing who your competitors are can help you differentiate your products or services. Keeping tabs on what your competition is doing can help you stay ahead of them and gain more market share.

What's the Difference Between Sessions and Clicks?

As digital marketers, we have the tools to collect specific data from every interaction an online user will have with a brand, from their initial click on social media, to what they did and how long they spent on each webpage.

Using Google Analytics to Track Your Customers’ Path to Purchase

Many marketers and small business owners want to know the path their users are taking to eventually convert or make a purchase.

How Do I Set Up Ecommerce Tracking? How Does It Work?

For all of the metrics we focus on in the marketing world – organic vs. paid visits, pageviews, keyword rankings, load time, you name it – all of this is irrelevant to most people.

Creating Customer Profiles in Google Analytics

Many business owners will pay brand agencies a lot of money to help them develop customer profiles. Businesses spend a lot of time and energy to survey customers and mine the responses to get the data they need.

I Started Doing SEO and My Organic Conversion Rate Dropped. What Gives?

This happens way, way more often than you would think. We start out with a client, and we start seeing all their KPIs trending in the right direction, but their organic conversion rate keeps going down.  Why does this happen? Is it bad? Should I be worried?

KPIs For SEO: What Should I Be Reporting

We can build templates all we like, but the truth is, no two reports to any client, or for any company are the same. Reporting matters.