New Addition to the Digital Third Coast Family

A little late on posting this, but we'd all like to congratulate George and Kim on the birth of Elliott Dmitry. Mom and baby are happy and healthy. Elliott already has his own Google shirt too!

Why Can't I See My Ads? - Redux

While managing PPC for clients one question comes up more than any other: "Why can't I see my ads"? A few years ago this had a few answers - Keywords being bid on, time of day ads were being shown, IP address exlusions, etc. But more often than not, it has to do with budget constraints.

Make It Happen in 2009

Ahhh Goals --- Don't you love 'em...and hate 'em! Once the hangover from the holidays wears off you are faced with the fact that it's a new year and just like everybody else you feel compelled to make this the year that your going to make it happen. Make what happen?

Paid Links Not Mentioned In Google's Webmaster Guidelines???

Just read through all of Google's Webmaster Guidelines and noticed there was no mention of avoiding paid links. Hmmm... Do you think they simply forgot to mention this in their popular guidelines for webmasters?

Google Schools Us On The Basics of SEO

Recently, Google released a starter guide explaining some of the basics principles of SEO.

Don't Vote

There's a blog meme going around in the internet marketing community that apparently Matt Cutts started about voting this November. The whole idea is to tag 5 people and get them to post about it and tag 5 other people.

PPC Testing for SEO

Over the last couple of years I've noticed a couple things in the search space: 1. keyword tools are unreliable 2. PPC traffic can show some valuable search trends. Well here’s the point: PPC and SEO help to inform each other consistently.

Google Chrome - A Web Browser With a Silver Lining?

In their ongoing quest to dominate the universe, Google has announced that they are coming out with their own web browser called Chrome. Interesting news considering they were so "in bed" with Firefox before.