Yahoo Search Marketing Introduces Day Parting

The day has arrived - Yahoo! has finally given more control to their advertisers with day parting. This has been a long available technology in Google, and a long desired option in YSM.

The Importance of Profiles and Directories for Local Search

One of the most important things a local business can do is to create a locally visible presence. 20 years ago a billboard may have seemed like the best option. Perhaps a 30 second spot on local television, or maybe a newspaper ad.

Google Agency Toolkit

A friend of mine sent me a cool new link today - the new Google Agency Toolkit can be found here. Nothing on here is new, but the convenience of having every major AdWords tool I use found at a central hub is a great improvement.

Canonical URL Tag...Good or Bad for SEO?

Big news in the SEO world folks....Google, Yahoo and MSN have recently announced that they will be respecting and following what's known as the "Canonical URL Tag".  This new tag

To Optimize, or Rotate?

In Google AdWords there are many options and settings which you can tweak for different effects and for different purposes. One such feature is found in Edit Campaign Settings under Scheduling and Serving: Ad Serving.

Ever Heard of Twitter?

I know I am late to the Twitter game, but I've started to play and I will say this - Twitter can be great!

Analytics App - Google Analytics for iPhone and iPod Touch

Google Analytics is without question one of the best free tools available for any website owner. I'm in there every day taking a look at search visitors, goal conversions, funnels, and everything else that can give an insight on the overall trends of traffic and search visibility.

AdWords Editor Find and Replace Mistakes

I've been around for a while in this hot search marketing industry and I can proudly say - without any hesitation - that I've learned as much, if not more, from mistakes as I have my successes. That said, I'd like to share my latest near-blunder with readers.