Ever Heard of Twitter?

I know I am late to the Twitter game, but I've started to play and I will say this - Twitter can be great!

Analytics App - Google Analytics for iPhone and iPod Touch

Google Analytics is without question one of the best free tools available for any website owner. I'm in there every day taking a look at search visitors, goal conversions, funnels, and everything else that can give an insight on the overall trends of traffic and search visibility.

AdWords Editor Find and Replace Mistakes

I've been around for a while in this hot search marketing industry and I can proudly say - without any hesitation - that I've learned as much, if not more, from mistakes as I have my successes. That said, I'd like to share my latest near-blunder with readers.

Don't Blog Because It's Good For SEO

There are many good reasons to start a blog. I'll give you a few.

Search Market Share 2008: Google Grew, Yahoo & Microsoft Dropped & Stabilized

Danny Sullivan over at Search Engine Land has posted some new search engine market share figures...Google gained another 6% in search market share in 2008!  What? Are you surprised?

Landing Page Hospitality

Online, a landing page is the first impression a potential customer, friend, or even an enemy, has to a website. The landing page is an opportunity to answer a question, deliver an opinion, offer a product or service, or completely alienate a visitor to your web property.

New Addition to the Digital Third Coast Family

A little late on posting this, but we'd all like to congratulate George and Kim on the birth of Elliott Dmitry. Mom and baby are happy and healthy. Elliott already has his own Google shirt too!

Why Can't I See My Ads? - Redux

While managing PPC for clients one question comes up more than any other: "Why can't I see my ads"? A few years ago this had a few answers - Keywords being bid on, time of day ads were being shown, IP address exlusions, etc. But more often than not, it has to do with budget constraints.