Every once in a while even the biggest of websites have server issues or temporary bandwidth problems. While we always push custom error pages for 404 pages and other applicable error codes for SEO and usability sake, it is interesting to see how the big boys handle such issues.

Here is the top part of the page I just saw when causing a 500 internal server error:

YouTube 500 Internal Server Error

This was followed with another hundred or so lines of the garbled text and a quick refresh did away with the error message. I gave YouTube a call and transcribed every character of the error report since I was feeling helpful that day. The tech guy also noted that he did not appreciate being called a monkey - highly trained or otherwise.

On a similar note, here is what YouTube's custom 404 page looks like:

YouTube Custom 404 Error Page

Nice and easy and helps get people back on track to what they are looking for. Well done YouTube! As for the 500 error page, I thought I'd pass that on for a laugh.


I got that screen also

I have that error and it appears when I try to edit my youtube channel branding options. This means I can't swap out YouTube banners or do any inline advertising on YouTube. I tried to contact youtube but they send canned replies. I don't know when this will get fixed. bummed out. wish I could get youtube to fix it. Do you have suggestions. I posted in forums (no answer), wrote to partner help (no answer), wrote to youtube help (canned response), wrote to adsense (canned response).... thank you for your valuable time! ;)