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Yahoo Search Marketing Introduces Day Parting

By Nathan Pabich on 3-16-09 in Pay Per Click (PPC)

The day has arrived – Yahoo! has finally given more control to their advertisers with day parting. This has been a long available technology in Google, and a long desired option in YSM. Day parting essentially allows an advertiser to block their ads for showing during certain times of the day or from entire days. This is great if you only want a campaign running during business hours, or when you notice a trend that your cost per conversion skyrockets on only Saturdays. Of course, this could always have been done manually, but just setting it up in the interface itself does give advertisers and PPC managers more peace of mind that this is consistently being done.

Check out some instruction and Yahoo! day parting screenshots.

Nathan Pabich is the Director of Paid Search at Digital Third Coast, a search engine marketing company based in Chicago. You can find Nathan on Google+. Connect with Digital Third Coast on Google+.


About time! I've been wanting this feature since Google unrolled theirs.

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