Digital Third Coast attends Adobe DaysAdam and I were invited to share ideas at Ascend Training's Adobe Days last week. Over 200 people were in attendance at 21 presentations all in one day including tips for using Adobe Cloud products to develop and design websites, how to measure social media campaigns in Google Analytics (which we covered at our first ROI by DTC event), and how to promote your site once it's live! I thought I'd recap a few of the tips we shared in case you missed the event.

Build on Your Site with Engaging Content Your website is a platform. Build innovative, engaging, and authentic content on top of your foundation. Your website tells a story. Use content marketing to make that story bigger, longer, more descriptive, more colorful. Use your website and your business as an inspiration for content ideas like: Interview your individual team members on your About or Team page for your blog. Take questions your clients ask and those in your FAQ and provide detailed answers on your site. Then refer those who ask to your blog or page addressing this frequently asked question. Share common problems you experience and how you address them - others can likely relate. Inspire action and clicks to your website with eye-catching graphics and punchy titles. Find and Connect with Influencers to Spread the Word for You Take note of the publications, blogs, websites, and individuals those in your industry look to as influencers. Connect with them on social media, or subscribe to receive their updates, and get to know them by reading their content, social posts, and what inspires them. Look for an opportunity to provide value to them. If they ask a question on their Facebook page, answer, or re-post to your community to find an answer. Provide value to them. If your goals and theirs align, reach out personally to build the relationship. A guest posting opportunity may arise or an opportunity to collaborate that could result in them mentioning you/your site to their large audience. Don't let the relationship end, even if you achieved your desired goal. Keep it going, continue to send them information they might find useful or share ideas on social media channels. Optimize Social Communications to Drive Action and Site Traffic Take inventory of your social profile descriptions. Do they describe what you do succinctly? Do they include your website URL? Use Twitter lists to categorize contacts, including influencers. Then, when you want to connect with a specific audience, you can find them more easily. If your list is public, others may look to you as an influencer. Incorporate calls-to-action in your social posts. When applicable, include a measurable shortlink to content on your site to drive traffic/visits. While so much time, effort, and often budget is allocated towards building or re-designing a website, that's just the beginning. How do you get the word out there? How do you promote your newly designed or re-designed website?