Increase click through rate with AdWords Ad ExtensionsGoogle has bombarded search marketers with many bells and whistles through AdWords Ad Extensions. These ad extensions are extra little add-ons that can make ads more robust, more likely to be clicked, or more likely to produce a desired action. Because there have been so many new ad extensions released, and Google is now incorporating information from Ad Extensions when determining your ad rank, I thought it would be a great time to run through an overview of AdWords Ad Extensions and how they can impact your AdWords management.

Location Extensions

Designed for local business, these extensions feature an address of a business’s nearest brick and mortar location.  These extensions help direct people with local intent to purchase in-store, and directions to the location are now only a click away.

Google Local Ad Extensions
Call Extensions

In a world of instant gratification, call extensions deliver.  Many times, users will navigate a company’s website to find the best point of contact.  Google AdWords call extensions take the hassle out of the process, delivering important information without requiring a click. With these add-ons, the business’s phone number will appear within the ad, making it a breeze for customers to get in touch. Mobile versions of the ad will feature a click-to-call button.  It’s important to note that now that Google offers call extensions, they no longer allow you to feature a phone number in the ad text.

Google call extensions

Google ad call extensions

Sitelink Extensions

Perhaps the most universally used extension, sitelinks allow advertisers to feature up to six hyperlinks that will help the user arrive to their destination directly from the ad.  Aside from an easier user experience, sitelinks have also been said to increase Click Through Rate (CTR) by around 30%, according to Google . Since CTR plays such a big role in determining Quality Score anyway, using sitelinks is an easy win. You should note the sitelinks need to navigate to different pages on the website, so if your site is a one-pager, you’re out of luck!

Google sitelink extensions

Social Extensions

In the J. Crew ad above, you can see that J. Crew has over 1,000,000 followers on Google+. To add social extensions, you just need to have a Google+ business page, the domain you’re sending traffic to needs to match the one listed on your Google+ page, and you need to have around 100 followers. Your social extension will then begin to appear automatically.

Seller Ratings

Seller ratings are used to highlight the great reviews people are posting about a reseller.  Having your online store rated with at least 30 reviews will automatically make a business eligible to display seller ratings extensions.  Google aggregates reviews from sources outside of their own system on sites such as, or

Google ad extensions seller ratings
Google states that an average of 4 or more stars will automatically qualify a business to display ads with seller ratings; however, in practice I have seen some with lower ratings than 4 stars, so it’s still important to keep those customers happy!

Google ad extensions seller ratings
App Download Extensions

The app download extension allows users to link their mobile or tablet app directly to the Apple Store or Google Play store from the ad.  The extension features an option to link to either store based on the operating system that the user is currently running. For example, an iOS user will see an option to visit the Apple Store while an Android user will be linked to the Google Play marketplace.

Google ad app download extensions

Review Extensions

As with the seller ratings extensions, the review extensions allow businesses to showcase the positive impressions they have made on the wider media. Instead of mentioning reviews within ad text, the review extension allows advertisers to free up that space by adding a compelling additional below the main body of the ad.  Reviews have to be from within the last year and from a reputable third party.

Google ad review extensions

As you can see in many of the examples, the ad extensions do not exist in a silo. It is common and often valuable to combine ad extensions in order to provide as much relevant information as possible. Not only do you have the opportunity to provide more captivating details in your ad, but your ad will also take up more on-page real estate. With all the benefits, including increased relevance, higher CTR, and Quality Score considerations, you have every reason to incorporate an AdWords Ad Extensions management strategy in your account.