Google recently announced that they've upgraded their My Maps features en route to replacing the classic Google Maps. The new My Maps allows users to add in their own images, descriptions, icons, and details to customized maps. You can also share your new Google maps like a Google Doc, making it easy to share your backpacking route across Europe with a worried parent (or, if you'd rather not, you can take advantage of the private setting to keep your route secret).

It's easy to see how how these upgrades can benefit individuals, whether you're planning a birthday pub crawl, a road trip out west, or even just a hike- but have you thought about how your B2C company can take advantage of the My Maps upgrade for local search success?

It's relatively simple: using My Maps, create an experience map for your customers to follow that builds on the experience they have at your store's location. There are plenty of ways to get creative with this, no matter what industry you're in. A few examples:

  • A sporting goods store may create a map of local sports venues and parks and include their own storefront as a place to gear up for game day.
  • A restaurant with a focus on local, organic ingredients can build a map of nearby farmer's markets and farms where they source their produce and other ingredients.
  • A government office of emergency services can make a map noting shelters, Red Crosses, hospitals, and distribution centers in case of an emergency.

The possibilities are endless, and your audience will enjoy exploring new ways to enjoy your product or service. Of course, before you begin experimenting with My Maps, make sure that your local SEO is up to date with these tips for local SEO:

  • Checking your local listings for accuracy, consistency, and accidental duplicates
  • Complete local pages listings for high-quality business listings, such as Yelp
  • Have your complete contact information on a page of your website
  • Use keywords that combine your product/service with your location (i.e., digital marketing in Chicago)

The way we use the internet is shifting from desktop to mobile; optimizing your local SEO, then, is crucial for reaching people who are searching for your product or service while on-the-go. Combining basic principles of local SEO with creative uses of My Maps Google maps gives you a two-pronged attack for local SEO success. Where will you send you customers?

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