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Video: Google vs. Bing

By Tom Shearman on 3-24-14 in SEO and Content Marketing

Google vs. Bing video thumbnailIt’s like David and Goliath, except the version where David’s rock sails harmlessly over Goliath’s head, who takes swift and ruthless revenge.
You can casually ask someone ‘what was the last thing you Googled?’ and, while they might think you’re a little nosy, they’ll be able to answer you pretty easily. But how about ‘what was the last thing you Bing-ed?’
Well, when we recently hit the Chicago streets to figure out what people think SEO is, we asked people that very question.

Here’s what I learned from the Google vs. Bing showdown:

    1. Maybe Bing should have just called itself “that other search engine”.
    2. Ben Friedman (or Freeman, depending on who you ask) gets lot of flack for Binging. You have to admire him for sticking with it.
    3. When you approach someone with a microphone to ask them questions about Bing, the answers you get are pretty awesome. Unless you work for Bing.


And a big thanks to Funny Death for the music – used under a Creative Commons license.

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Tom Shearman is a former Content Marketing Strategist at Digital Third Coast, a digital marketing agency based in Chicago. Connect with Tom on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Connect with Digital Third Coast on Google+.

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