My fellow rich and famous, the wait is over! For years Google has kept us all down by only allowing public transportation options in Google Maps. Take a bus? You've got to be kidding me! Subway? Isn't that a restaurant? What about the dozens of us hard working Americans that have access to a private helicopter? Aren't we people, too? In between sips of champagne from this diamond encrusted glass,

I've grown a bit hungry for some pizza. While performing some internet sleuthing, I (and by I, I'm obviously referring to my minions) have uncovered a hidden gem of helicopteraire wisdom. Google now offers heliport access as a public transit option in Google Maps! Behold the beauty:

Pizza Hut Heliport Access

Pizza Hut in Novi, MI to view the place page in Google Maps

Papa John's Heliport Access

Papa John's in Elgin, IL to view the place page in Google Maps Now the age old question, Papa Johns or Pizza Hut?


Whew, what a relief. Nothing like dusting off the chopper to go get a $12 thin crust pizza. Shame on all those people bad mouthing the health care system, they provide health care to 7% of the population and helipads to .00001% of the population.

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You crack me up. I may qualify as the rich and famous (or maybe not)

My only helicopter ride was 21 months ago when I cartwheeled down the side of a mountain 30 feet - and the California Highway Patrol had to airlift me safety. That heliport is on top of Sutter Roseville Hospital but since it's not open to the public ...

Good find, Taylor. Perhaps "proximity to heliport" should now be considered when deciding where to locate a new business :)

@Julie - welcome to the club! Although you'd probably prefer to have not joined...

@David - thanks for stopping by. As the leading Google helicopter expert, feel free to include me in next year's local search ranking factors panel.

Amazing as always :)

I see stuff like this all the time. Makes me laugh. I think as you see the local become more competitive you'll see stuff like this disappear.