By now, you've heard about how to find long tail keyword tools digital third coast chicago blogthe importance of long tail keywords. The low competition and high search intent combined with the mind-bending stat that 15% of all daily Google searches have never been searched before mean that SEO and content marketing experts are more attuned to long tail keywords than ever. Obviously, Google AdWords Keyword Planner is the starting point for most keyword research, but here's a look at three other long tail keyword tools out there:



We all know that there are more search engines than just Google- people search with Bing, YouTube, Wikipedia, eBay. and more. Soovle aggregates search results from all the major providers in one place. You can customize which search engines you want included in their interactive map of results, and get to experimenting! soovle long tail keyword tool  


Thoroughness. That's Ubersuggest's huge advantage as a long tail keyword research tool. After you enter your original keyword and hit "Suggest," Ubersuggest finds the keywords associated with your term- but then it goes a few steps further to suggest keyword phrases slightly outside of your original search. Here's an example of what came up when I searched "Chicago SEO" on Ubersuggest: ubersuggest long tail keyword tool digital third coast ... and so on, all the way down the alphabet. This makes Ubersuggest a great brainstorming tool- you can easily get inspired by one a keyword you wouldn't have originally thought of and plan content that riffs off of that. Another interesting option with Ubersuggest includes options to search for keywords in more than just the regular ol' web- you can filter by images, shopping, news, videos, and recipes. For example, when I searched "chicago cubs" with the Images filter... ubersuggest long tail keyword tool images digital third coast chicagoOverall, it's a simple, customizable tool that's sure to spark keyword ideas, no matter what kind of content you're trying to find keywords for.

Long Tail Pro

If you're willing to spend a little money (Soovle and Ubersuggest are both free), Long Tail Pro might be for you. You need a Google AdWords account to use the software, but since the AdWords account is free, this is pretty easy to acquire. Once you put in your base keyword, you can further customize your potential keyword results by adding words for the keywords to include or exclude. You can also filter your results by average local searches, average cost per click, number of words, and Google or Bing title competition, as well as fetch additional data like global search volume. Long Tail Pro is a long tail keyword tool In addition to all that, Long Tail Pro also lets you analyze your competitors' websites and check the rank of various websites according to a specific search term. The trial version lasts ten days, giving you plenty of time to explore and play around with the tool and see if it suits you for finding long tail keywords.


Like the other keyword tools we've described, SEMrush provides valuable keyword metrics like CPC, volume, number of results, competition score, top 20 organic results, monthly trend, and more. What really sets them apart, however, is their user-friendly interface complete with one of our favorite things to help us illustrate the measurable difference here at DTC: charts! semrush long tail keyword tool digital third coast chicago You'll also notice that SEMrush divides their keyword suggests into phrases that match your original query (i.e., chicago seo company, chicago seo consultant, seo services chicago, etc for the search "chicago seo") and related keywords (i.e., seo services, seo consulting, best seo services)- helpful if you're trying to think outside the box a bit. Another huge advantage of SEMrush is their competitor research feature. You can compare your website to your competitors' on a variety of metrics and study their ad texts and data. In addition, their domain vs domain comparison lets you input two domains and compare their keywords, even categorizing the keywords by intersection (common, unique, or all). No matter what you're looking for in a long tail keyword tool, SEMrush probably has it in their huge toolkit.   When planning your long tail keywords, it's easy to think that just because your current method works, it's the best one. However, that's not always the case. Using a new long tail keyword tool can give you fresh ideas and connect your website with the keywords your customers are searching for.   Content Calendar-Blog-CTA