Arguably one of the most important things to an online marketing campaign is to have some goals in place. I think that figuring out what goals to focus on can be the hardest part sometimes. Tracking them is the easy part. Here are a few ways you can start tracking some of your goals using Google Analytics. Goal Funnels and Funnel Visualization: Setting up funnels for goals and watching the visitor patterns in those funnels can help us see if people are doing what we would like them to do on the site.

Three examples of funnels we can track are: 1. How many people are going to the "join our newsletter" page and joining the newsletter vs. how many of them are leaving the page. 2. How many people are going to your "contact us" page and filling it out vs. how many of them are leaving? 3. How many people are going to your "shopping cart" page and actually checking out? Setting up the funnels is pretty easy but it depends on what kind of URL's you're dealing with and whether they are dynamic or static. You can read more about setting up goals in google analytics here. Important Metrics and What they mean: Another thing we can keep track of are the metrics for the important pages on the site which are usually the homepage and you main category pages. Here are the main metrics on those page and the explanations for each. •Pageviews – Amount of pageviews (includes people that left and came back) •Unique Views (only counts unique visits) •Time on Page (average time a visitor spent on that page before they left to a different page) •Bounce Rate (clicked the back button or exited the website) •% Exit (exited the website from this page) So for example, if you notice that the amount of Pageviews go down on the homepage then you know there is a problem. If you notice that the bounce rate is really high on one of your category pages for example, you might want to think about ways to improve the page or figure out where the traffic is coming from since so many people are bouncing. Search Engine Traffic & Goals: Last but not least, another valuable metric for us to track would be the amount of search engine traffic that the site receives broken down by search engine (In Google Analytics this is the search engine traffic and goals report). This report shows the amount of traffic that each search engine sends us as well as how much of that traffic completed the goals we have set up above. This report can also be broken down by keyword for each search engine so you can track exactly which keywords brought you how much traffic and whether or not those keywords completed your goals on your site. These are just some of the ways you can begin to track your goals. If you're not tracking anything right now then you are missing out on one of the most effective ways of improving your conversion rate and your site overall.