In the sea of marketing conferences that seemingly pop up every year, it’s hard to know which ones are valuable and which conference are just full of hot air. For the past 3 years Orbit Media’s Content Jam has been a conference our team won’t miss, and for good reason. From the Harvard-esq marketing lessons by Andy Crestodina to the “I’m so damn inspired I want to take over the world with content marketing” takeaways from Robert Rose, this year’s Content Jam was no different.

While we wish the footage of DTC’s Andy Kerns reenactment of an Amazon wolf shirt review was available to share, we managed to pick out a number of awesome takeaways that resonated with our diverse team of content marketers, link specialists, SEO and PPC analysts.

Content Jam presentation by Angie Schottmuller

21 Marketing Quotes We Heard at Content Jam

Ian Lurie, Portent

“We don't control the outcomes (though we're responsible for them), but we do control the tactics.”

“Content is all about the tactics. Little things can erode the experience, but little things can also help improve it.”

“Your content owns you. Spelling errors, bad images...that’s all you. Use Google reverse image search when using stock photos, it can help you avoid bad things.”

Jay Acunzo, Sorry for Marketing

“When you tell stories people can’t resist, people tell stories about you. Good marketers follow best practices, great marketers craft their own best practices.”

“Is your workflow telic or intrinsic? You can’t build something big by doing things the same way as everyone else.”

Brian Fanzo, iSocialFanz

“The best influencers are the ones who already work for you. Brand advocates are 70% more likely to be seen as a good source of trust to the people around them.”

“As a content marketer, you need to think like a fan. Provide access. No one ever said that your brand is helping too much.”

Andrew Davis, Monumental Shift

“Treat your content like a brand.”

“Branded content is created for a company. A content brand is created for a valuable audience.”

Jill Pollack, Story Studio Chicago

“We always have to be prepared for technology not to work.”

Nick Westergaard, Brand Driven Digital

“Getting scrappy involves putting your brains before your budget, making sure that your marketing is efficient and effective, and seeing ideas everywhere.”

Robert Rose, Content Marketing Institute

“Content marketing creates a brand subscriber”

“Have a strategic program and vision for the content you create through the year, don't just focus on single pieces of content at a time and follow a content calendar, otherwise you're just using a to-do list to create a disjointed pile of assets.”

Andy Crestodina, Orbit Media

“Create content based around these two ideas: Opinion forming content, and Original Research. Research gets more links than content.”

“Answer questions on landing pages that aren't already on your website.Landing pages should be a really good sales conversation”

“Create white space around CTA. Be mindful of the attention ratio.”

“If you want to create content that achieves a high level of both shares and links then you should concentrate on strong opinions and facts. What is the one thing that everyone in your industry has said, but nobody has ever proved?”

“Think of Domain Authority as a sports score. Is a 40 DA good? A score of 40 and you’ll win every hockey game. A score of 40 will win most football games. A score of 40 will lose you every basketball game.”

“Commit to a format with your marketing initiatives and make sure this is a repeatable formula. Audience falls in love with a format before they fall in love with talent. Example: Today Show – There have been countless anchors, but the show is still a success.  Format before talent.” - Andrew Davis, Monumental Shift“Use “Ego Bait” to increase social shares. Including others in the generation of content guarantees an increase in both sharing and quality.”

“Ask yourself what is the one question in your industry that everyone is afraid to answer.”

Taking over 1/3 of the quotes on this list the head honcho of Content Jam, Andy Crestodina, sure gave our team a lot to think about. But the other speakers never disappoint which is why Content Jam has been a must see for our team every year. We are pretty lucky it happens to be put on in Chicago too. For all the details on next year's Content Jam and many other conferences use our Conference Guide to source the ultimate list of marketing events nationwide.